Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday 23rd July

Weight: 62.2 Exercise: 1hr 55min Run (18.7km) Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with Banana & Golden Syrup Lunch/Dinner: Special Fried Rice, Teryaki Chicken, Miso Beef, Late Snack: Bag of Choc Raspberry Bullets, Box Mentos, 2 Glasses Champagne What a great run. Michelle & I went on a different trail today and it was lovely to see differnt views. It was supposed to rain this morning, but it didn't even start to spit until we got back to the car, which I was very happy about as I hate running in the rain (I'm sure you all realise this by now!!). I didn't end up eating anything after my run until about 4pm, by which time I was ravenous. Ended up at a food court and got the large plate of 3 chinese dishes (like you do!!). I'd brought a bottle of champagne with me (we went up to the city to celebrate hubby's birthday), so had that when we got back to the apartment we were staying at. We were both so tired that we didn't go back out again, so of course I didn't drink anything else which was a real first for me. And check out my weight. I nearly died when I got on the scales after my run. I thought that I'd be sitting on 63kg and I had to check the scales twice just to make sure that they were working properly. Of course I've probably put all the weight back on because of what I've eaten today, but I don't care. I saw those scales register 62.2. Gives me something to keep working at now!!