Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday 18th July

Exercise: Weights, Situps Food Intake: Breakfast: 2 Slices grain toast with margerine Morning Tea: Chicken with Noodle Soup, Banana Lunch: White Roll with Ham & Low Fat Cheese, Low Fat Blueberry Cheesecake Yoghurt Afternoon Tea: 15 Rice Crackers, Mandarine Dinner: Chicken & Broccoli Casserole, Pasta, Gravy, Low Fat French Cheesecake Yoghurt, 1/4 Glass Red Wine I made myself get out of bed this morning to go to the gym. I actually woke up about 10 minutes before the alarm went off and thought of every reason not to get out of bed. When the alarm went off I was still trying to talk myself out of going, but then remembered what the scales had said on Saturday, which made me promptly jump out of the bed!! Just a little pain in the quads at the moment, but I'll rub in some tiger balm which should help lots. I've incorporated a bit of bread back into my diet, especially as it's low on the WW point table. I know the roll should have been a grain one, but I'd bought a bag with 6 rolls in them and the supermarket don't do the bags with grain rolls only white. My dinner sounds awful when it's written down, but it was actually quite tasty. The casserole itself was a bit bland so I added some gravy to it. It also drowns out the broccoli so that my daughter can't see she's eating it!! Hubby gave me a glass of red wine (as I'd drunk all my champagne yesterday!!) but I just can't drink that stuff. I've only ever had one glass of red wine that I enjoyed and I can't for the life of me remember which Wolf Blass label it was. I'm slowly buying them all for hubby so that I can have a little taste to see if I can find it again!!