Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday 16th July

Exercise: NO Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with banana & golden syrup Lunch: Toasted Banana Sandwich with sprinkled Splenda, Diet Choc Mousse Dinner: 2 Turkey Burgers, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Gravy, 1/4 glass champagne Snack: S&V Rice Snakatas, Packet of Mentos Yesterday at work I spent alot of time getting my food spreadsheet into a form where I can track WW points, fat and calories of everything that I eat. It really opens your eyes when you write it all down and add up all the numbers!! Thanks to Mary for giving up the link for the WW points calculator. Makes life so much easier when working out points. Well my good intentions from yesterday didn't come to anything. It was really cold when I poked my head out the door this morning, so I thought to myself that I'd take my daughter swimming and then I'd go to the gym afterwards, rather than doing an outdoor run. I'd even put all my gym gear on so I could just push her through the front door for hubby to deal with when we got back, and then make a dash for the gym. But when we got back I had lost the motivation to go, so I ended up doing the ironing instead as an excuse. And then it got to lunch time and I justified not going by eating lunch. And of course we all know that we shouldn't exercise on a full stomach. So I'll just save myself for tomorrow and know that I'll have lots of energy to run the 21 kilometres!! And speaking of running it, I'm now starting to get quite excited, and very nervous as it gets closer and closer. I've already started going to the loo more often due to my nerves and I've still got another 11 hours to go before I even hit the start line!! I'll do an update when I get back tomorrow. Need to go and get all my stuff together now as it's going to be an early start (the alarm's set for 5am!!).