Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday 24th June

Exercise: 1 Hr Treadmill (10.73km) Food Intake: Breakfast: Banana Smoothie, 2 Slices Grain Toast with margerine Morning Tea: 3 Fruit Bars, 1 Banana Lunch: Chicken Ceaser Salad, Herb Bread, 2 Glasses Champagne Afternoon Tea: Low Fat Banana Muesli Bar Dinner: 1/2 pkt Apero SaKaTa Gourmet Rice Snacks, 1 Bag Choc Bullets, 2 Glasses Champagne I so needed to run today. I did a solid 30 minutes at 11kph, which totally knackered me out, so I slowed for a little while, then pushed it back up again. Great run! Went out for lunch at the local pub as someone at work was leaving, hence the champagne. And dinner was a bit of a write off. I didn't want to eat anything filling as I was still pretty full from lunch, but I still managed to pick up the bag of choc bullets while I was out buying my champagne for the evening. Tomorrow will be a good day as I'm doing a long run on Sunday! Thank god for long runs!