Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday 21st June

Exercise: 45 mins Treadmill (7.43km), 5 Mins Rowing (1060M) Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Morning Tea: Banana Low Fat Muesli Bar Lunch: Chicken Fried Rice, Pear Afternoon Tea: Packet S&V Rice Crackers Dinner: Lettuce, Tomato, Tuna Mayo, Egg, 1 Large White Bread Roll with margerine I wanted to do an hour on the treadmill this morning but I had to keep blowing my nose as everything was loose and yukky and ....okay you get my drift. Anyway it was too hard to try and keep running and blowing my nose and sniffing etc etc. The new trainers held up well and still no blisters! Those Rice Crackers are way too moorish. Love the Salt & Vinegar ones!