Monday, June 27, 2005

How Exciting!!

I've just been over to KMart and bought myself a new Slow Cooker. I'm very impressed with all the delicious recipes that Slim Suzy is throwing around and they all sound so hearty and good, just perfect for a cold winter's evening!! So I thought, why not get one...and I did! Can't wait to start cooking with it now. Might have to start buying food daily though depending on what I'm going to cook. And I didn't mention this before but I've had a pair of almost new Black Levi's hanging in my wardrobe that my girlfriend gave to me when she couldn't fit into them anymore (sorry Helsy). This was back in 2002. They did fit me for a little while but I gained some weight and have never really fitted into them comfortably again. They are one of those pieces of clothing that we always hang onto "for when I lose weight". So I tried them on a couple of weeks ago....and they fit me again! Isn't it a great feeling when this happens!