Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday 26th June

Exercise: 2 Hr Run (19.6km) Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Lunch: Sofias Chicken Risotto (left overs), 1 Large white bread roll with margerine Afternoon Tea: 3 Fruit sticks Dinner: 1/2 Roast Chicken, 2 Boxes Mentos, 4 Glasses Champagne, handful mixed lollies My long run is getting longer and longer each time. We've found a great place to run. There's hardly any concrete, mainly tracks and it's really scenic. Ends up at Jells Park, which is where I did the Dandy Dash run. Pretty flat too, apart from a small section which winds up behind the tip (bit whiffy!!). Anyway we're going to do the same run next week and just add in an extra kilometre. Oh yeah, I wore the new trainers and I'm happy to report - NO blisters!! So I'll probably wear them for the 1/2 marathon too. I seem to be recuperating much faster from my long runs each time. I remember after the first long run I could hardly walk for a couple of days, yet after this one I feel fine. There's a small amount of fatigue in my quads, but nothing major. I've made sure that I do some stretching straight after the run, and I stretch again when I'm under the hot shower. Then before I get into bed I have another little stretch. As you can see from my food intake, I substituted chocolate bullets for fat free lolllies. Yes they've probably got alot of sugar in them, but they're not covered in chocolate!! I still managed to down a bottle of champagne while I was watching Big Brother though!