Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday 2nd July

Exercise: NO Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge & Golden Syrup Lunch: 3 Slices La Porchetta Chicken Pizza, Shoestring Fries, 1 Glass Riesling Afternoon Tea: Packet Darrel Lea Red Licorice chunks covered in Chocolate Dinner: 2 Salada biscuits with margerine, 3 glasses Champagne I took my daughter to see Disney on Ice today with my sister and her 2 daughters. I had already decided that we were going to eat at La Porchetta so had deliberately only eaten a small breakfast and didn't bother to take anything with me to snack on while we watched Disney on Ice. The fries were my downfall I think. I was full on the 3 slices of pizza, but because the fries were sitting there in front of me, I just kept dipping into the bowl and munching on them. They wern't even that nice to be honest, but I still kept eating them! The chocolate licorice on the train when we went home were just a habit thing, which I talked about here! I couldn't justify eating anything big when I got home, but the champagne was a necessity!!