Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday 5th August

Exercise: 1 Hr Treadmill - (10.76km) Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with banana & golden syrup Morning Tea: 1/2 bag gluten & wheat free biscuits Lunch: Chicken Casserole with Basmati Rice, Muesli Bar Afternoon Tea: Banana Dinner: Hot Chips, 2 Slices Gluten & Wheat Free Toast with margerine, 4 glasses champagne I really needed to run today. Had an excess of energy that needed to get out. Felt great too!! I stopped on the way home tonight and got Fish & Chips for my daughter. Didn't realise that the chippy was going to cook up so many chips, and rather than see them all go to waste, I ate some...okay I ate quite alot of them. But I did throw what was left into the bin. I'm not very happy that I've already veered off my eating plan. The rest of the weekend is going to be good eating, sticking to my detox plan and no more alcohol. As I've got the 1/2 marathon on Sunday I know for sure that I won't drink tomorrow anyway. My only question is will I be in any shape to do any exercise tomorrow morning considering I've just drunk a whole bottle of champagne by myself tonight??? Better go drink some water and take a Berocca before I go to bed. Good hangover medicine!! And isn't BB Friday Night live lots of fun tonight!